hi.i got "sop scammer",for things that i did/not here is the story
first "sop scammer" - fake rep
few days ago,when i signed up to this furom,i wad really happy... i didnt know till then that i can get money from TF2.anyway,i got really stuiped brother.i told hi he cant make alot of users because he will get ban. we had a huge fight in that dat,and he started to scamm and do what ever he things to do. i hope you will do something with this,its really anoying that i get forfeit
(if i say this word right...)
seconed,about two users
well,i thought i need to write to steamrep about that storey,but they worte that i need to write here.well im doing it.i dont think its fune from you to report me because i have 2 users.Especially if its not true!.not all the pepole on this world can have comuter for evry i said,i got a brother.he got a steam user,and we are using the same computer.

i dont know if you will help me,but,i want that you will know for next time:dont report on evry llitle thing.