I decided to put all the ideas you guys listed in 1 post so people won’t post the same things over and over and also just to organize them all. Just keep discussing and thinking of new ideas and I'll keep adding.

-- General --

- Player Size command (make player bigger or smaller) *Not possible (engine limitations)*
- Player Bomb (turn player into a human bomb)- Weapon Restrictions
- Ent Mover (ZeroPoint Energy Gun)
- Entity commands *Added*
- Radio *Added*
- Jetpack *Added*
- Homing missles
- Lightshows
- Custom player skins
- Snowball (white & yellow)
- Item Spawning *Added*
- Hook *Added*
- Cage (for those damn noobs)
- Give (admin_give cmd)
- Parachutes
- Vote Kicking *Added*
- Cloak
- AI*
- Proxy Mines (no laser)
- Map Vote Interface *Added*
- Roll The Dice
- Better Help System
- Killing Spree Announcement *Added*
- Crowbar Effects
- quad damage/one-hit-kill
- ignite
- give it massive kickback or recoil (so when you hit a player he flies away)
- Tranquilizer (slows down player)

-- Server Games --

- Mutant Attack - Player gets infected and changes to a mutant - tries to kill as many as possible - player who kills the mutant becomes the mutant.

- Predator - Player turns cloak but still somewhat visable and tries to kill as many as possible without being killed.

- SnowBall War - Snowballs only for weapons.

- Trivia - Play trivia for credits and other prizes (guns, items, etc)

-Melee Mode - Makes crowbar and stunstick the only useable weapons for combat.

:: If you don't see 'your' idea it may be because it fits with one of the others, already in the features list. ::