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Thread: In need of some HALP.

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    In need of some HALP.

    I just installed a 2nd 5850 today. Updated drivers. Works great in every other game. But in TF2... this happens:

    My textures don't exist when outdoors, and my framerate is kinda shitty.
    Does anyone have any idea what may cause that? I tried disabling crossfire, still did the same thing. Reinstalled drivers many times, blah blah. It's just TF2.

    I left the image large so you could see the details of the textures. There's outlines, but the middle is non-existant. I don't hack. I'm the LpG guys would vouch for me :P

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    Your very own wallhack. Google troubleshoot, I don't use ati cards so I don't know what your problem is.
    I was a commando you know.

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    Maybe back up your TF2 directory and let it pull it down again? I use a 5970 which is a crossfire card and I haven't had any texture problems. I had to disable the glowing cart though as there is clearly some sort of bug with my card and that as it makes my framerate fall through the floor.

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