I have accepted a job at Valve, and in response to this I need to make a few changes to SourceOP and my community involvement. I'll be working on these changes over the next few weeks. The most significant change will be transfering the server ownership. I will no longer be running the game and web servers and will be handing this off to Nephyrin, who has experience running TF2 servers on Linux. There are no changes planned for anything else related to the game servers. The plan is to keep the servers running the same maps, config, etc., since it has clearly been successful, but of course Nephyrin is free to change anything he wants in the future.

Being an employee at Valve, it would be unwise to continue privately working on and releasing plugins based off of their intellectual property. Therefore, I will be releasing the source code for SourceOP and all the other plugins I've created. People are free to continue working on it or integrate parts of it into other plugins.

TF2Items.com will also be transfered to and maintained by Nephyrin. It's not possible to transfer PayPal subscriptions, so in a few weeks all existing premium subscribtions will be cancelled. Those interested in continuing with the service will have to resubscribe so that Nephyrin is getting paid instead of me.

The goal is to get all of this done during July before I start at Valve in mid-August. If all goes well, ya'll won't notice anything different except for somebody new in charge. Please post all questions, comments, or concerns in this thread and I will try to address them. You can also ask me anything on my AMA thread on reddit here: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comment...d_am_now_iama/

I did an interview at TFPortal.de: