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Thread: A new Superhero in our Neighbourhood

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    A new Superhero in our Neighbourhood

    When the two main loves in your life are helping people and reading comic books, the call is loud and clear: Become a superhero.

    He calls himself the Watchman. He won't give his real name.

    His identity is obscured by a bright red mask that covers half his goateed face. He wears black boots, black pants, black leather gloves and a black trench coat, but there's a large yellow circle on the chest of his black hooded sweatshirt, with a big W.

    "I'm what people refer to as a real-life superhero," he says.

    By night, on weekends, he patrols Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood, looking for injustice and evildoers. By day? That's a mystery.

    "While most reactions to what I do are positive, there are a few negative responses," he explains, adding that the disguise protects his family - a wife and two young sons - from any of that. "I'm the one who decided to do this, not them," he says. "They should not have to suffer for it."

    For him, it's not about fulfilling a childhood fantasy, or getting the attention of late-night bar patrons.

    "Somebody needs to do something," explains the Watchman, who contemplated becoming a police officer before donning his mask.

    "There's something everybody can do to make the world a little bit better," he says.

    So the 6-foot, 200-pound, 30-something crime fighter patrols Riverwest in costume, with a flashlight and pepper spray on hand - and a black Motorola cell phone as his weapon of choice.

    "It's about reporting it," he says. "Contacting police, or getting an ambulance out here if it's a medical situation."

    As for super powers? None, he says. "I'm just a guy. I may look a little funny, but I'm just a guy. And I'm out here to let everybody know that they can do their part."

    He's not the only guy. The Watchman belongs to the Great Lakes Heroes Guild. "We combine resources, work together and share information," he says.

    Milwaukee area freelance writer Tea Krulos is chronicling him and others like him around the nation.

    "Heroes in the Night: Inside the Real Life Superhero Movement" is a book Krulos hopes to self-publish by December or January.

    "I think one of the most interesting things about this story is that most of the guys are pretty normal," Krulos says. "They're just sick of sitting around watching TV. They want to go out and do something, even if it is a small act, to make their community a better place."

    But on a typical night in the Riverwest area, the Watchman needs no book to draw attention. The mysterious red mask does the trick as reactions from mortals come throughout the night.

    Patrick Georgeson is hanging out with a few friends in his garage as the Watchman makes his rounds. "I've seen him around here before," says Georgeson.

    His friend Meghan Bundy chimes in: "It's awesome to know we have a little Batman here."

    "I really think he actually cares." Georgeson says. "There's enough stuff that goes on in this neighborhood that I've seen. . . . If there's one more person looking out for it, it's probably a good thing."

    Looking out for people is what the Watchman plans on doing for a long time to come.

    "In some form or another, I will do this for the rest of my life."

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    I give this guy 2 months and then he'll either be dead or back to watching monday night football while scratching his balls.

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    inb4 kickass.
    I was a commando you know.

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