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Thread: Sourceop remote admin control panel problem

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    Your instruction above are for 2 CP's open on 2 or more computers.
    correct ?

    Well my main objective is to have 1 CP open, and viewing 2 or 3 servers.

    Is this possible ?


    Installing the CP on other computers on my network was just to see if i was having an issue connecting across my network.
    Which i do have issues. ( i think it's router related )
    The same for another 1 of my admins.
    Since he was outside my network, he could not connect.

    Is there any chance something with in the code could be effecting it since it's on a LAN ?
    I went to to see if the port was open, but it wasn't.
    I ported 2375 to the CP machine, and the machine does have a static IP.

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    My instructions are for multiple servers on the same computer. It is not possible to connect to multiple servers from the same instance of the client application, but you can have multiple instances running simultaneously.

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