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Thread: New Server Idea's

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    New Server Idea's

    Ok well i Just got TF2 a couple months back and i have yet to find a Crab mod server i've been wanting to play one but i dont know how to make a server that runs mods myself so maybe you guys could make a seperate server for that or make it just change to it :\ Also along with that ive noticed that theres no achievement servers that run Turbo TF2 and bots So you can get the insane achievements like get 2004 kills as a scout ive seen ones with alot of ammo and crits and fast firing but unlimited ammo would be better. Well those are my couple ideas i might think of more in the future

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    Re: New Server Idea's

    Quote Originally Posted by Flamester
    Well those are my couple ideas i might think of more in the future
    Don't bother.

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    I think he is the only one who voted yes... ouch.
    I was a commando you know.

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