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Thread: Auto-balance Avoidance

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    I do like auto-balance avoidance, but I feel like it's only solved the intentional stacking by noobs. Once the distribution of skill is unbalanced, auto-balance only worsens the problem by only auto-balancing players that are performing poorly. I've never been auto-balanced when I have a good kpd, it's only if I first join and I'm screwing around with a pyro or spy or something it'll flip me. And I've never seen people at the top of the scoreboard get balanced. And since it only balances people that are dead, people that die frequently have a higher chance to get switched. I believe these two factors cause the server to stack players that are performing better against those that are performing worse, cause every time someone rages off the losing team, it just moves the bad players off the winning team to fill the void. If anything, the losing team needs the best people it can get to help them get back on their feet.

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    i find that autobalence gets you at the wrong time .you get killed by your nemesis, so instead of getting revenge by killing him. you get switched to his team so he gets to rub it in by existing around you now and you cant touch one wants to play on the team of the person they are trying to kill. well lets look at how teams get stacked in a server that is so full you have to wait to get in........................(this is what i usually see happen)
    person 1 goes spec because they want to switch teams or they go spec to take a piss, or they go spec to sit and do stuff
    person 2 who is on the same team as person 1 used to be for whatever reason also goes to spec and now the system detects an imbalance. ALERT!
    team 2 gets buttraped because person 1 and person 2 should have disconnected or BEEN disconnected and now some poor unlucky soul gets autobalenced as soon as they die. o theres 1 LETS GET HIM..... but noooooo i just died i wanna KEEEEEEEL! that mofo.

    situation one has gotten me 3 to 4 times. i will continue to not tolerate it and try and find ways arou.... to solve this. sry having issues with sticking to being honest.

    now every scenario cannot fall into this naturally but, your system is flawed . and by how old this thread is, its been flawed forever, FIX IT.plz

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