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Hey dumbass, is losing fun? Yes, only if it was a close match.
If you think only winning is fun, you sir, are a dumba**.

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Is losing fun because you have a bunch of idiots on your team? No

Is losing fun because your team is not working together? No
Is losing fun because you know that the fun is in the game, not at hurting other people's feeling? Yes.

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Is constantly being killed because a third of your team are engineers and they wont put anything where it belongs fun? No it is not.

You see, you stupid fuck, team work is required to have fun in the game, if you dont have team work, you have nothing.
As I told you, the fun is not in victory, but in playing with others.

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If you want to play how you want, play a single player game. Dont play a team based game and then try to play as a single player because it does nothing but hurt the team. What part of TEAM in Team Fortress dont you understand? Its not I Fortress or Solo Fortress, the TEAM is in there for a reason. Without TEAMWORK you will lose and you cannot win without TEAMWORK.
Oh, look who says this. The mister I-know-how-to-play-with-TEAMWORK-because-I-f***-the-self-esteem-of-my-teammates. Teamwork is having fun and helping others. And no, yelling at others isn't helping them.

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Your final line really shows your intelligence level though, the common reply of a dumbass. But I will say it again, D-bag Fool and his buddies want that, it inflates their ego because they have easy kills. I bet they are same idiots who play games on easy mode and use any cheats possible just because the challenge is something they dont want. Why else would you set up a server the way they have with team stacking and no way to scramble teams.
First: Don't yell at God! I mean, Drunken Fool...
Second: Why do you judge people only by their abilities? If you're a real pro, shut the f*** up when playing, I guess you are banned from each server you join. If you aren't you should. Want any hints? Throw your keyboard on the trashcan along with your mic and get an XBOX controller. This way, you can't yell bulls*** at others because you are the pro. Pros don't yell at others.

Yeah, that's pretty much it.