For those who don't know;

"eram" is a volunteer moderator on the official VAVLe TF2 forums. He is known of often upset members and recieve complaints about his actions.

Eram has been abusing his rights/abilites as a moderator. Finally after insulting me and refusing to give a prober explaination to why he closed my thread I have come here to post and find others with similar experiences.

Perhaps with enough complaints gathered together VALVe might do something, perhaps even review his position as moderator.

eram insults op at lack of buyers and then closes the thread
eram does not bother to read the thred, nor follow up on why the thread was made
eram decides to troll with a one-liner then closes the thread
post made as a complaint against eram (the date of this post is way before icy was banned though)
closes an active discussion with a link to make fun of all the hard work the op put in
eram closes the thread whilst making an insulting sarcastic remark
eram makes a post only to belittle the OPs idea


My recent thread:

Conversation with eram in reguards to the lock:

The document that is linked to in the first post: