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Thread: SourceOP HL2 Deathmatch Server FAQs

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    SourceOP HL2 Deathmatch Server FAQs

    How do I enable Console?

    1) Goto Options
    2) Click the Keyboard Tab
    3) Click the Advanced button
    4) Check the box next to Enable Developers Console
    5) Hit Apply - Console should now be enabled.
    What button opens the Console?

    To open the console after you've enabled it, simply press ~. Which is located to the left of the 1 Key, and above the Tab Key.
    How do I bind a Key?

    1) Hit ~ on your keyboard (located above the TAB button)
    2) A menu(the console) should have droped down. Now type Bind <Key> [Function]
    Bind c +jetpack

    The <Key> can be any key on the keyboard.
    Where do I get and how do I use Jetpack?

    When you join the server you automatically have Jetpack. To use it just Bind a key to +jetpack.

    I'll add to this if I see anymore, and also if you have any you think should go on here please PM me. Thanks


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    Can I use jetpack on other servers?
    No, the version that contains Jetpack is not currently released.
    //Edited - Naquadria

    What is the difference between the jetpack mods?
    SourceOP jetpack has more forward thrust power while others give you more upward thrust power
    Why can't I use hook?
    As of right now, hook is disabled and only admins can use it. Sorry
    How do I unbind a key?
    1. Press ~ to open console menu
    2. type unbind x
    3. change x with any key you wish you unbind
    What are credits?
    1. For every 5 kills, you will earn 1 credit
    2. You can use credits to buy many things
    Will my credits stay even after I leave the server?
    Yes! Your credits will never go away unless you spend them
    How do I see the list of things I can buy?
    In the chat, by pressing the default y key on your keyboard, simply type
    "!buystats" without the quotes
    How and where do I use credits to buy?
    1. After you decide what you want to buy, proceed to the next step
    2. Press ~ to open console menu
    3. Type buy itemname
    4. Replace itemname with the name of an item you want to buy
    5. Example1: buy noclip
    6. Example2: buy allguns
    7. Example3: buy slay Naquadria
    Where can I find and download SourceOP?
    Click here (Automatic Installation)
    Click here (Manual Installation)
    Click here (Administration Control Panel)
    How do I install SourceOP and SourceOP Administration Control Panel?
    Click here

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    Additional FAQ

    Is SourceOP compatible with any other source mods?
    It's very hard to answer this question. There are many source mods such as mani and sourcemod. After each update, things can go wrong so it's always a good idea to create a back up and then upgrading it to a newer version.

    1. Currently, the released version of SourceOP is 0.8 and it doesn't come with a feature to turn on/off mapvoting system. If you are planning on using mani's mapvoting system, try the below settings (change these settings in your sourceop.cfg under cfg folder
    DF_feature_mapvote 0
    DF_vote_freq 599940
    DF_vote_maxextend 2
    DF_vote_extendtime 15
    DF_vote_ratio 100
    above settings will disable sourceop mapvoting system

    2. If you use mani and sourceop, don't use any of the fun player commands except blind and gimp. Commands like burn player will crash your server no matter what. Also, don't play maps like jb_lockdown and jb_2fort. These maps are not compatible with the server when the server has both mani and sourceop mods installed

    3. You can take advantage of having multiple mods on the server in some cases. If you want to set different settings for each map, simply go to cfg/mani_admin_plugin/map_config/ and create a corresponding cfg file. For example, create a file named "js_coop_quest_v9.cfg" that changes the server variables whenever the server loads js_coop_quest_v9.bsp which is one of Joe's popular coop maps
    DF_jetpack_on 0
    DF_price_noclip 999999
    DF_price_god 999999
    mp_timelimit 45
    mp_falldamage 200
    es_setinfo kill 0
    These settings will disable prevent players from cheating. The current released version of SourceOP doesn't not support jetpack. It supports hook instead so when you create your own server, replace DF_jetpack_on 0 with DF_hook_on 0
    If you have any more questions regarding the mod compatibilities among source mods, contact me by clicking here

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    Great Info here,

    I really think #7 under pandragon_exile last post is the most useful... What do you all think?

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