Wanted to give transparency on the state of SourceOP.

Late last year, SourceOPs server provider was shutting down operations, SOP game servers had to be relocated, our benefactor offered to transfer the server to a new benefactor who would run the servers themselves going forward (offered to a few long time admins, myself included) with certain criteria to maintain quality (things like location of server) even offering to pay some monthly hosting costs, after about three weeks with no formal plans, a handful of admins (myself included) decided that it was time to close shop as any further delay in rebooting the community would result in its collapse anyways.

With that, I will work to bring these forums back as mostly read-only (maybe a section or two bring fully back, have not decided as the forums are not likely to be properly moderated anymore).
Our steam group, twitter and discord will remain available as they have been.

Ref https://discord.com/channels/1336459...43489953464402