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Thread: Ban Appeal - 4/10/20

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    Ban Appeal - 4/10/20

    Hello SOP Moderation,
    Edit (Added Ban Link):
    This situation took place in the SourceOP Instant Respawn 2Fort server on 4/10/20 at 2:01 EDT/11:01 PST.
    I was rightfully banned for 14 days for the reasoning of "flooding chat" after I unknowingly spammed my "Uber used" bind while playing Medic.
    The ban was placed by Administrator 'Butane', which was an appropriate response to my inappropriate use of chat.
    I would like to give some clarity and perhaps 'clear the air' if you will, in regards as to why I flooded my team chat in the first place.
    While I play Team Fortress 2, I frequent myself in a mixture of community 2Fort servers and competitive matches. For such competitive matches, I use websites/programs such as TF2Center, RGL.GG, FaceIt, etc. As a competitive player, I frequently attempt to void my game of any possible distractions, apparent through my custom folder being full of .vpks that remove certain particles/skins and my config files being full .cfg text-files that reduce the games graphics down to a minimum.

    With my attempts in making the game look as simplistic and "non-distracting" as possible, I took advantage of the "hud_saytext_time" command within my autoexec.cfg in order to have a transparent chat. While the chat is fully functional, it only actually appears upon me selecting the 'y' button, which promptly causes the chat window to open up, where I can type, scroll up/down, etc. Due to my usage of hud_saytext_time being set to 0, while I walk around and play the game, the chat box is not on my screen what so ever. My 'y' key acts as a toggle of sorts; I'm only able to read the chat upon clicking 'y'. This is what caused the mishap.
    Due to me using the Vaccinator and having 4 uber charges, a medic 'Uber used' bind, and chat invisible unless manually clicking 'y', I was unknowingly spamming the chat with my idiotic bind. Additionally, it's not as if my 'Uber used' text-chat-bind was short, it was around the length of an entire sentence.
    Every time I would pop one of the four available ubers or spam MOUSE 2, I would unknowingly send multiple binds into my team chat. This resulted in a flooding, and a ban, which followed after people asking me to stop and Butane warning me, which I did not at all see.

    People, prior, have expressed to me their frustration with spamming the chat in MVM, in which normally I would simply apologize and the player(s) and I would move on.
    This, however, is something I cannot simply apologize to the players for having to endure.
    It is completely and utterly my fault. Regardless of my own chat being on/off, it's completely my mess-up. Not only did others ask me to stop, Butane had warned me. I should have known with pure-certainty that I would be spamming the chat with my bind. Additionally, I should have known that disabling chat in the first place in-itself would cause an issue to arise, and now I whole-heatedly know what I did. I genuinely accept the fact that I made this mistake, and I promise I will not flood the chat ever again. Not only have I turned the chat back on by setting hud_saytext_time to its default value of 12, I have shortened my 'Uber used' bind to simply... 'uber used', which is what it should have been before.
    I will, 100%, make sure this mistake does not happen again. I will be more attentive to how I treat the chat within not just the SourceOP servers, but in other game servers, and I hope that my genuine admittance to this issue is taken with consideration.

    Attached below are my config files showing my command changes.

    config file.PNGmedic file.PNG

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    I have spoke to you on discord and requested the ban be reduced and or removed, I have no time-frame if/when this will happen but you can check your ban page and it will tell you know when the ban has expired/been removed.
    Please avoid flooding chat.

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