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Thread: Several servers offline?

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    Several servers offline?

    I noticed today that half of the SOP servers were missing from my favorites list, i went ahead and made a list of the servers i couldn't connect to! (Also this may be in the wrong section, if so my apologies!)


    PropHunt - (LAN servers are restricted to local clients - class C)
    Valve Maps #2 - (Connection failed after 4 retries)
    24/7 Goldrush - (Connection failed after 4 retries)
    Arena Maps Only - (Connection failed after 4 retries)


    24/7 2Fort (Instant Respawn) -
    Valve Maps (No Mods) -
    24/7 2Fort (No Mods)(No BS) -
    Pro Rotation (No Crits) -

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    Happen to know anything about this?

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