Hello, so i got banned yesterday night on 11-3-19 for "vote scramble abuse" i wasn't aware that doing what i did was a instant 1 week ban. Yesterday, someone was repeatedly spamming extend map votes and they were getting accepted
(we already had a lot of time left) so i decided to put a vote scramble to make them stop accepting the map votes because I've seen multiple times players do this and it worked so i thought it was ok. By the way I've never done this before, I've never called a vote scramble the whole time I've played on the server. I was just getting tired of the extend map votes because i heard that if you keep extending the map time, the server starts to get laggy and the only way to fix it was by a server reset. So i only called for 1 scramble vote, i didn't want it to go through but it did. I'd thought that players would see it and press no because that's what i do when i see someone put up a votes scramble in the middle of others putting up extend map votes. So the teams got scrambled, the map votes stopped also and i started playing regularly until i was questioned by a admin later on. I didn't quite explain myself right on why i put that scramble vote, and i was banned from the server. This is why i am typing this to explain myself better than what i said last night to the admin. If what i did was wrong, i am sorry and now i know that was unacceptable and i will never do it again.