Hi everyone,

I was wondering if I could inquire about some information. I know SourceMod and MetaMod in and out. I have been using the DAF plugin in my servers for years now, and it works perfectly. However, recently I switched from Windows 10 Pro to macOS due to the purchase of my MacBook Pro. So I was wondering if, similar to SM and MM, a Dos Attack Fix plugin was ever designed for Mac or Linux. The problem I am having is the .dll files won't work on a macOS system. Only Windows uses .dll files. Instead, macOS uses .dylib files. The DAF plugin uses one .dll file, which is located in the following place;

- addons > daf > bin > dosattackfix.dll

Obviously, this plugin also comes with a .so file, which is for Linux systems. Does anyone know if .dylib and .so files are interchangeable?

Additionally, if anyone ever needs help with Sourcemod, Metamod, the installation of (DAF) Dos Attack Fix, or any other plugin, you are all welcome to reach out to me either on here or Discord, N.I.K. #1327. Keeping your server protected from all threats should be a priority for all server owners. From my experience, there are three ways people can affect your server's ability to run. The first (1), attacking the server from within using script codes that have been bound to the players' keyboard, ultimately flooding the server. This can be fixed by installing a command blocker plugin into SourceMod. The second (2), attacking the servers internet protocol and port number. This can be solved via the installation of the DAF plugin offered here on this website. The third (3), would be having your personal internet attacked, which would leave your internet crippled until the Dos Attack was finished and/or stopped by the attacker. This is the worst situation, but luckily easy to fix. Most modern modems and routers are all-in-one and come from your internet provider. These devices usually have something called "flood protection" which means the modem will block the flood or "packets" if they are coming in to fast. If you are a server owner and don't have this, I would recommend getting a router that has this or some sort of dos protection integrated into it.

[NOTE] This information has been displayed to you with the intent of informing you of the exploits people use to ruin gaming experiences for others. I hope you take these suggestions to heart and implement these changes to your respected servers, in hopes of keeping both your server and home internet protected. I would also strongly advise against letting other players see each other's (IP) Internet Protocol Address. Some SourceMod plugins will announce a newly connected player's name, place of origin, and internet protocol. As a server owner, you have a responsibility to give your players an incredible gaming experience, but more importantly, to protect both them and yourself.