Hello! While yes, I know the process may take a while, I feel as though I'm at least somewhat fit for the position of admin. Nothing too special. I'll do my best if I am able to accomplish this. I play on the insta-respawn 2fort server a lot but that's about it. But I play on it pretty regularly whenever I'm not busy with anything else. Lately I've really cracked down on reporting cheaters/DDoSers when I see them (I didn't know how to before). Though I can admit I can improve my game. Like that one guy I couldn't get the steam ID of because I disconnected (sorry again for that by the way). But I feel as though I'm pretty fit for the job. And while yes, I do get slightly salty in chat on the occasion, I would never use the power to do anything rash because I get grumpy when playing video games. Thank you for your time.

Also, side note. Why is voting to scramble teams against the rules if there's a usable scramble teams button?

Thanks again,