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Thread: The Server Is Offline Again?

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    Question The Server Is Offline Again?

    I've noticed that the server has been going offline quite frequently recently and I was just wondering if anyone had any idea as to what was causing this. I've heard rumors that the server recently suffered a DDoS attack, and though I don't really know the details of how these attacks work, I'm assuming that it's possible these attacks could be related to the issue. Any information is genuinely appreciated. Thank you.

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    We are aware the servers were/are being attacked, and with a high degree of confidence, know at least one of the attackers behind it. Seems a few server regulars also knew prior and did not relay that information to us so we could prevent this latest outage. Shame on them, considering taking action against them too. The information I can confirm has been passed to and acknowledged by the relevant parties to deal with. Beyond that, I have no control over anything.

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