I don't really know much about the staffing of this server/community or anything but I can't remember a time I've seen a Mod or Admin on the TF2 server. I was really enjoying playing on the server with my friends, but now two players have falsely accused my friend of hacking and keep kicking him everytime he joins and those players are on. Nobody else has problems with him. And I get kicked just for trying to stand up for my friend?? I hate that the lack of staff in the server and the votekick ability have ruined the experience for me and my friends who were just trying to have fun and it upset a couple of people who we had killed multiple times and now we can't even play on the server anymore. Is there any way to have more active staff on to help stop these tilted players abusing the votekick and falsely accusing my friend of hacking because he killed them a few times and kick me for defending my friend?

- - - Updated - - -

I uploaded a video of what happens to me now when I try to join the server. I've been having issues with my shadowplay so it didn't record the computer audio, just my mic. https://youtu.be/7tHLzwQdeoM