• Kick

I am confused on why I was kicked still...
I have been trying to scroll up for any reasons but my chat box and display is too small it would be like trying to find a nail in a hay stack.
When I look away for one second then look back apparently the reason was just said again, I try scrolling up again and I can't find it.
If the reason is about the voting system not allowed then I don't understand why is it enabled, if it is about spamming then I haven't spammed.
Also I believe there is a way to make it take longer to call another vote.

  • Ban

"Already told how to address your issue"
I was hoping I could get more information and figure it out in game so the whole issue and misunderstanding could be taken solved and taken care of, but apparently doing that way it gives me a week long ban which I never saw in the rules.
I don't get why such a long banned over a simple misunderstanding issue where I didn't see Yossef's message. I would happily stop talking if you'd say stop but then again its your server, your rules, so you decided the fait.
I am asking forgiveness and either a possibly ban reduction or a unbanned.

  • Extra

I saw another user having the same issue with a kick named Squagol and your(Butane) response was

"I need the server, date, time, any chatlogs and/or screenshots or dem files you took and a more clear explanation/order of events of what happened.
Please note tho, being told by a non staff user that something is or is not against the rules is not a valid defense."

A non-staff nor a staff have told me to do a vote, I made my own choice since I saw the timer on the top was getting low(Which I believe was 71 minutes left), so I called a extend time vote, I haven't spammed and I believe you have logs you can
look up. Also he/she is right about it wasn't against the rules(According to the https://forums.sourceop.com/threads/...Rules-and-FAQs) to call a vote.
(If it is now then I would recommend that to be updated)
Time Happened: Between around 9pm EST to 10pm EST on September 29, 2018.

Also next time I will try to figure out how to customize my chat box so it is easier for me to read and look through people's messages.
(I don't know how but I am willing to try and figure it out with tutorials on YT or look it up on Google).

Thank you for the time reading this and I hope you have a very nice day.
P.S. Thanks Yosssef for helping me a bit with the forms