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Thread: 2Fort Extending Time Misunderstandings

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    2Fort Extending Time Misunderstandings

    Dear Yossef,

    Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mr. Butter. You have most likely seen me playing on SourceOP's 2Fort server quite frequently in the past. My friends and I have been almost exclusively playing on this server for the past six months, and we always enjoy the time we spend on it! However, recently there have been several unfortunate misunderstandings whish have led to multiple people getting kicked from the server without warning. This has quickly become an escalated issue, and I am willing to discuss how we can fix this going into the future. I am willing to do whatever I can and work respectfully with you to get this issue resolved before the unfortunate scenario arrives where my friends and I must all leave the server forever. I'm sure neither of us would like that to happen.

    The issue revolves around the option used to call a vote to extend the time in the round. Recently, there have been many people getting kicked and even banned from the server for utilizing this option, myself included. I took the liberty of double checking the server rules, and there is nothing regarding the option to call a vote to extend the time. That being said, I understand that this voting option could easily be exploited and spammed. However, during the incidents where people have been kicked from the server for extending the time, there had not been much if any clear warning that extending the time is grounds for being kicked. I can quote that the only words that were said which would even resemble a warning were simply "Don't extend." I found out afterwards that you were in fact the person who said this, however there is absolutely no indication that you are an admin, and at the time, I had no way of knowing that you were. I had disregarded your statement, believing it to be coming from some random user. Had I known you were an admin, I would have treated the whole situation very differently. I can't speak for them, but I'm sure many of the other people who were kicked would agree.

    I would like to clarify something on behalf of myself and my girlfriend, Medyz_Haustier. We never intend to use the voting option as means to spam or otherwise be annoying by any means. We always call the votes to ensure we have enough time to play the round to its conclusion, when a team has captured the Intelligence three times. I'm sure you're well aware that CTF matches, especially ones being held on 2Fort have a tendency to last quite a long time, sometimes hours! And so, again, we only wish to ensure that the Intelligence is captured three times.

    If after this explanation you still would like us to change our habits when it comes to calling votes, then I must ask that you explain to us exactly when we are or are not permitted to extend the time, since there is nothing in the rules explaining this. This can include something like an amount which you would not like us to extend the time over, or perhaps a cooldown time in which we would wait to end until we can vote to extend the time again. These are just examples and you by no means have to choose these. I am simply trying to help mediate this issue between us in hopes that we can come to an agreement so that my friends and I may continue to enjoy this server without fear of being kicked.

    P.S. I originally sent this to Yossef as a PM. His response was as fallows: "Hello, thanks for reaching out. Please make a thread stating your concerns/issues/etc. in the SOP server / Problem/Help Section, it'd be easier for us to handle the situation. Thanks."

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    We usually do not announce our presence on servers for obvious reasons, peoples behaviors change, but its easy to check by typing "whois player_name". Not knowing an admin is on is not a valid defense for anything.
    I cannot speak for yossef directly, same as you cannot speak for others on this matter directly, so we will let that part be.
    Excessively extending the map can be considered being a jerk and is considered being a jerk if done in back to back to back succession, also can be considered server disruption too.
    For example, if the map is already at, 10 hours, and you extend or intentionally scramble to extend, should I reasonably expect you to play that 10+ hours as you voted to extend for?

    If you have a dem file (or other proof) for me to look at showing hes been kicking/banning users for extending the map outside of any reasonable time until map end, and not giving warnings beforehand, let me know and I will take corrective action with it.
    Beyond that, I will still relay to him these concerns.


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