I've played on this server for the past 2 months, and there is no shortage of hackers. However, it's like that on almost every community server and I understand that it cannot be completely avoided. Tonight I ran into another player who was using aim-bot, when I joined spec he (virgina, yes he spelled Virginia wrong) decided to go demo, after I said I was spectating someone else he decided he would go back to sniper after a little while. I have a demo recorded of the whole ordeal, his Steam ID is posted in the chat on the demo. I tried to votekick him as well, not enough people said votekick in chat, but after I rejoined the server the person had left. From my understanding, the admins cannot ban this person unless they rejoin the server, and that their IP address will be put on a watch list. That's perfectly fine by me, and I hope that this demo provides plenty of proof to convict this dude. Peace guys, Lib.


After fiddling with this video for about 2 hours I cannot get it down to a manageable size so I can upload it here on the forums. My internet is trash so I cannot upload this to YouTube without it taking around 2 hours per video. The video is only around a minute long, but I used FRAPS so it's in 30 second intervals. If there is anyway I could just attach the .dem file to an email or send the .avi files, I would gladly do it. If there is nothing that can be done I will remove my post and forget about this whole ordeal. Good day.