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    Post Killjoy

    I noticed that Butane was repeatedly posting announcements (putting a copy paste into chat every 5 mins and it got hella annoying) saying something like "trading on all sourceop servers is currently prohibited" and i simply asked "am i still allowed to trade with bots from websites and players outside of the server?" and he put his bind again so i asked once more "like im just not allowed to mention it in chat right? i can still trade with players off the server correct?" and was only given a response that was "you asked and i will try my best to help you" before i was gagged for no reason at all, maybe there shouldnt be power-hungry admins running the servers, btw when new players see this is how the admin treats, everyone, regulars, vets and noobies alike, its not a positive in their eyes.

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    You seem to have moved on, sorry it did not work out.

    For the record, if three times is spamming, not sure what your three pages of spamming would equate to.
    Perm was for jerk, server disruption, gag avoidance, instigating admin.

    Rules here

    Statement: I didn't read any of this so I can't be banned.
    Quick Question: No?
    Long Answer: Good luck with that!
    Question: I dont agree with some of this or, I want to comment on Admin's performance - doing that on the server is the best idea, right?
    Quick Answer:
    Long Answer:
    If you have any questions, comments or snide remarks regarding rules or Admins or the combination of the two in action, take it to the forums instead. Doing so on the server is disrupting others from enjoying the game and will in almost all certainty, get you an extended break from the server.