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Thread: Team scrable

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    Team scrable

    I read in the rules this is not allowed. On the server it happens a lot so is that not one you do anymore or is there a way to take that option off so people will stop doing it? Also after one side wins it does not scramble the teams not sure if plug-in is broke or what.

    I am new to the server just trying to figure out the rules so i do not break them.

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    Question: This team sucks. Scramble?
    Quick Answer: Nope
    Long Answer: Play better.
    Long Long answer: There is an automatic scramble after two round wins in a row by either team. If your team is losing, it could be as something simple as not having the right class balance, new players that aren't sure what to do, etc. If you take the initiative to change class to help the team, or help (kindly) guide new players (as examples), the auto scramble may not even be needed.
    Its not explicitly disallowed, just highly discouraged. We prefer a team to work together instead of a few players decided "fuck this team, scramble" If its being abused tho, such as but not limited to: extending the map, want to be on a different team, one team does not want to lose the round ect... then yes, its against the rules.

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