Effective immediately we have revised the current trade and reputation rules,

We have relaxed the payment methods that are allowed here on SourceOP. You can now use Any Mainstream Payment Methods out there, such as skrill, Paypal, bitcoin, ETC. However, You are not permitted to use steam wallet codes, gift cards, etc. of which are still prohibited. Regular trade/rep rules still apply.

SourceOP BTC (bitcoin) rules has been toned down as well from 5 to 3 rules, Changed to:
For Bitcoin transactions, please include the amount of BTC and URL to a blockchain site with the BTC transaction. Transaction must be signed with both buyers/sellers ID64
We also revised the current trade and reputation rules of which now allows you to post your reputation threads you have on other sites on your SourceOP Trade or Reputation thread. This is however only limited to reputation sites that are valid and moderated. We do not consider steam groups valid because they lack any 3rd party verification.

The trade sections also has been opened up for a while now for guests, but the rep sections remain 'semi' viewable for guests only to help protect your rep thread against abusive users. We also tweaked various other site rules here and there, Please make sure to use the drop down list to view section specific rules to read them over, or click the below links.


Anyone who has been infracted for breaking the previous site rules that were changed can make a thread within the next month in the forum support section to request the infractions be reversed.

In addition, our primary source to distribute forum related news is our twitter feed https://twitter.com/sourceop We are giving away a total of 10 CSGO/TF2/Dota2 Keys to any subscribed twitter followers in the next 2 weeks (ending Nov 7th) provided they have a good standing forum account with at least 1 post

Also, you can find SourceOPs mumble at port 10045 (Do not be an obnoxious jerk)