I've gotten charged back SO many fucking times on Paypal and so have many, many others. Yet, the community insists on using Paypal and all other methods are seen as "Russian scam attempts" or some bullshit. Paypal is literally the worst fucking company to exist on this earth. I called them after I lost $350 to a chargeback and I was told we favor the buyer. WHAT FUCKING COMPANY SAYS THAT THEY FAVOR ONE PARTY OVER ANOTHER? I've tried to use Bitcoin exclusively but in a month I had less than a dozen transactions so now I've had to resort to using shitty PP again. They take like 20% conversion fee when trading with people from other nations too. Bitcoin is entirely safe and decentralized and there are no fees whatsoever, yet no one wants to make the attempt to learn how to use it. I'm always told "oh, this is too complicated I don't want to attempt it at all. Also to buy them I have to put too much personal info." WELL YOU KNOW WHAT? PAYPAL HAS THE LAST 4 DIGITS OF YOUR SOCIAL AND YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS. When I got charged back, I refused to pay it and they literally went into my savings and took the money out. The company sucks and everyone who insists Paypal is the best way is retarded.