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Thread: paypal negative balance

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    Angry paypal negative balance

    Hi guys i sold some goods to one guy over skype, he confirmed with e mail that he got them so i was able to withdraw money on my credit card, few hours later i recive email from paypal that it was Unauthorized Claim. And now i m -360 euros on my paypal. When i go to resolv claim i can chose only

    have shipped the item and I can provide proof that the item was shipped through an approved shipper to the address on the Transaction Details page.
    I have not shipped the item and I will refund the payment.
    I have refunded the payment for this transaction.

    i dont wona chose non of those thing becus non of them is right, i send email to paypal (they sed they will replay in 24hours, but it past 72hours) and they still didt n replay nothing, 360 euros is fuckign big money and i m not planing to pay them, i was always good guy and didt scame once and fuckgin paypal dont wona even replay fucking email.
    Can they take money back from my credit card or can they send debt collectors? I m not form US or UK, i m from east Europe but my country is in EU.

    sorry for bad english, need help

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    this has nothing to do with sop servers