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Thread: Womb Raider provokes Users, hands out infractions for "Shitposting"

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    Womb Raider provokes Users, hands out infractions for "Shitposting"

    Just wanted everyone to see this.

    Order of events:

    1) This thread is created raising concerns about the current state of the SourceOP TF2 servers.
    2) WombRaider states multiple times that said thread is "not an admin nomination thread" when many Users suggest that Enforcer{EMC} should become an admin.
    3) I create this thread to be an admin nomination thread, as per WombRaider's implications, and add it to my post in the original thread by Game316.
    4) WombRaider snarkily replies to the thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by WombRaider
    You should have just made it an admin nomination thread in general, with no poll, and definitely not a specific player in the title.

    excellent effort
    5) I create this thread instead, as per Womb Raider's criteria.
    6) I receive email and PM, stating I have received and infraction for "Shitposting"

    Dear Sivic,

    You have received an infraction at SourceOP Forums.

    Reason: Shitposting

    unnecessary obvious bumping of threads made after the post you quoted.

    This infraction is worth 20 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

    Original Post:
    I too would like to voice my concern.

    As many others have said, SourceOP1 used to be packed 24/7, and SourceOP2 was not far behind in that metric. When I started coming back to the SourceOP1 servers last December (after more than a year of not playing) I thought me witnessing the server empty out was just a rare happenstance. As it turns out, it was a worsening sickness.

    I really hate to see the server like this because I remember and love the atmosphere the players could bring to the place. I strongly dislike other servers not only because the player skill tends to be shit, but the people are either annoying twits or aggressive twats. At SourceOP there tends to be a much better balance of laid back chit-chat and focused teamwork. To see the servers keeled over and barely standing on it's own feet like this is rather saddening. Not only to me, but to other regulars - this and other threads of concern which have spawned over time is proof.

    Here are my suggestions (most of which is just repeated information voiced by other Users):

    - Remove some of the terrible maps. In my opinion Turbine and Junction are brainless meat grinders. Even when there is opportunity to complete the objective no one ever takes it because no one actually cares to pay enough attention. Although I actually enjoy Hydro, I do recognize that it's a map that kills the servers.

    - Add some new maps. To be honest I'd be happy if just the really bad maps and server killing maps were removed, but other Users really want to see new maps and I can't see how a fresher map pool would be any harm.

    - Revamp of the Reserved Slot system. Even as it stands now as someone with a Reserved Slot, it's almost impossible to get in during (what little) peak hours there are. Basically the only thing a reserved slot does for me is ensure I don't get kicked when I eventually do get in the server. I like the subscription based model where your donation is good for X months. It might just be better to remove Reserved Slots altogether, as one of the problems seems to be that new Users without a Reserve Slot tend to get kicked too quickly and too often and never come back because of it.

    - Revamp the voting system. I can't remember what server I was playing on with some of the other regulars (probably Hyperion) but their system allowed you to vote for 4-5 different maps. I think a really good system would be this:

    >Have a map poll to select, let's say 5 maps
    >The winning map with the most votes for current poll becomes the next map to be played on and gets removed from the subsequent map poll
    >The next poll has the 4 maps which did not win during the previous poll, plus a new (5th) map to replace the one that had previously won
    >Any map which does not successfully win a poll via player voting within 4 map polls get replaced with a different map (to a logical maximum of 4 map selections being replaced at once)

    Just to be clear, only 1 map poll per map will be made (as with the current system). If you wanted to add a second layer of detail you could do the above system except instead of doing 1 poll of a pool of 5 maps, do 3 or 4 polls which would eliminate the least popular maps up for election successively until there's a majority vote for 1 of the 5 maps.

    - Give admin to someone who is constantly around. The obvious choice is Enforcer. Honest guy, likes the server, likes the people, the people like the server, the people like Enforcer. It just makes sense. He could separate the people causing problems (not going to name names but I'm confident anyone reading this knows the guilty parties I'm thinking of), kick them if need be, ban cheaters, change the map is something is REALLY not popular with the player base, etc.

    - A nice to have thing would be the option for All-Talk every now and then. Truthfully I'm not a fan of it and sometimes even switch teams to avoid certain players, but it could be fun every now and then if sprinkled in. Again, I wouldn't be upset if the All-Talk idea doesn't pan out.

    So as we can see, there are a number of problems and a number of solutions that would help this server come alive again. Realistically speaking, if Enforcer, Wolfpup, Loony2n, and a few others who send out mass invites didn't send out the invites, this server would have already died completely a few months ago.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Originally Posted by WombRaider
    again, not an admin nomination thread.

    any custom map suggestions should keep in mind that this is a 32 man server we are talking about, so maps like mach 4 and haarp (which has a mess of bugs) aren't realistic.

    Is this what you're looking for?

    or this?

    All the best,
    SourceOP Forums

    Again, just letting everyone see this. In reality I don't care much if I get infractions or banned from this forum, but Womb Raider's actions were very immature.

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    im not even going to take the time to explain how fucking retarded this is. anyone who looks at the posts above critically will understand what happened.

    outside of that im just going to lock the thread. thanks for the fucking elementary school playground drama attempt.

    also enjoy the extra infraction
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