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Thread: a reason why anyone was banned

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    a reason why anyone was banned

    ... in the profile.
    this is not about "wtf moderator are you crazy monkey why you banned this nice guy?" no, just about information.
    as example: i got mess in steam from the guy with who i'm trading before. he asked me to sell him a few keys via PP. ok all know how it's going. steamrep - clear, checking here ... bah he has "banned" status. i did search but cant find where he was banned (in any topic) and for what reason.
    and what i should to do then?
    one option if he got it for the fact that the moderator had called ugly, another one if he got it for kinda scamming.
    that's why a reason for ban in the profile can help.
    thank you.

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    Sorry, we do not discuss user bans to third parties,

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