First of all I'll state that if someone offered me a Circling Peace Sign Noh Mercy, and just said straight out, that he wants five buds, then I would take that if I could because that person doesn't realise the investment opportunity there. I don't mind the price that I paid but wow some traders make the process annoying. I could have worked to make about $60 in the time that this trade took, then added that to the 4.5 that I was going to pay, if he was polite enough.

First of all, I saw an add selling it for 4.5 on

Eventually when he came online:

Eugh. On Outpost he has at least one complaint from someone about agreeing to make a trade three weeks ago but then just not doing so. Also, the rules are different with Noh Mercies; They're rare so you do have to keep the seller happy still, or else pay much more later. I knew the whole time that he was going to keep demanding more but I had to play along/make him just that bit happier and let him think that he had a win. He's instantly now selling the Strange Festive Grenade Launcher on Outpost for 14 keys and doesn't realise that he's missing out on profit so I don't really care too much.

EDIT: And after all of that, he decided that he wants it back.