As a few of you already know, there are fake SourceOP reputation site(s) out there with the intention to scam other traders. This is also one of the reason why all registered members are forced to read this thread.

These site(s) look exactly like the current SourceOP forums with some minor changes within a specific reputation thread so it looks like the scammer appears to be a trusted member with a lot of reputation while in reality, those reputations belong to another trusted (hopefully) member.

The SourceOP website URL is, that's "Source OP" and the forums URL is Not sourcop, not soureop, or even, don't fall for fakes!

While the URL looks very similar to SourceOP it's still very important for you, as a trader that you check the URL yourself to see if it's the real deal. In doubt, you can always go to and click on the "Forums" link at the right menu. In most cases, you are not even logged in on the fake SourceOP site and it's highly advised not to do so either.

You could also ask the person to private message you on the SourceOP forums. Don't fall for it if he says it failed or something similar. Through the Private Message you can easily check the person's reputation thread and name to see if it's really him.