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I'd like to welcome you to the SourceOP forums. If you have recently registered on the forums, you can shortly expect an activation mail. The activation is required if you wish to post on the forums. If you never received any activation e-mail, check your SPAM box first before contacting one of the administrators.

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The rules are there to maintain the balance. While it might be much to read, it's a wise idea to get to know them.

SourceOP Server & Admin Software

SourceOP is a Half-Life 2 plugin that adds many features to any Half-Life 2 Mod such as Counter-Strike: Source or Half-Life 2: Deathmatch and Team Fortress 2. Interested in the SourceOP administration software for your gaming server? Check out the download page. For any General chat, suggestions or support. You can post them in the SourceOP Plugin section.

Interesting in playing in the current SourceOP gaming servers? SourceOP hosts eight TF2 servers.

SourceOP Reputation

Are you new to SourceOP reputation? I highly advise you to check out the SourceOP Reputation F.A.Q of which will answer (hopefully all) your questions you might have. Want to Buy / Sell something for real live money? Search or create a thread in the TF2 Item Buying/Selling section. For all normal non-cash trades, those threads go in the TF2 Item Trading section.

SourceOP also has fake-reputation websites! With the intention to scam people. Read this thread for further information:

Have any questions? Use the search function. And you are also welcome to Private Message me.

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