Let me reiterate what I said (and yes, I'm typing just to type since you're not going to read it):
Giving ideas is welcomed and appreciated. When an argument for not moving forward with the idea is presented, the response, should you actually really want the idea to be implemented, shouldn't be "well just look anyway" when it's something you can look up in a FAQ on the developers website and put in your first post. Doubting someones doubt when they're a forum admin and there's an entire forum of ideas you could have looked at prior to posting (one being 'Switching Forum Software' in the top 10 threads) borders on the sarcastic too.

It also shows you don't really know how to be convincing when giving ideas.

"I can't read the forum on my phone. Hey you should use X" is fairly without merit or reason. My response to your idea was in the same format as yours. I can('t) do X, do Y to improve your experience.

"Hey, you should use X.
Here's why: It does Y which helps all of us who want to Z, is free, etc
Here's the link to the dev website with the packages: something.what
Here's the FAQ (I dont know what version you're running here, but it says whats supported X questions down): something.what/faq
Here's an example forum with it working: somewhere.huh"
Is complete, polite, and obviously . Responses to that would be 'Thanks, but looks like its not compatible. We'll keep it bookmarked though for when the forums are upgraded'

Again, appreciate your taking time to even post the idea, we will keep it bookmarked for when the forums are upgraded, but remember, it takes more than wanting something for it to be possible, and any information you can provide in giving an idea in the future to see if it is would be appreciated.