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Thread: +MacroPower's Reputation Thread

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    Post +MacroPower's Reputation Thread

    Welcome to my reputation thread! If you've traded with me, feel free to leave a comment.

    NOTICE: Please do not leave a comment here if our trade was done outside of SourceOP, as it is against the forum rules.

    ✔ Positions:
    ★ TF2Shop Trusted Seller
    ☆ Former TF2 Outpost Moderator
    ★ Inventory Traders Moderator
    ☆ Trade Inc. Administrator/Owner
    ★ Trading Central Administrator
    ☆ Gaming to P3rfection Administrator

    ✔ Other Information:
    ➜ SR Donator
    ➜ High Donator
    ➜ 1+ Year Approved SOP Rep Thread
    ➜ SGS Green Flair (35+ trades)
    ➜ Steam Level 70+
    ➜ 130+ TF2 Outpost Hearts
    ➜ 400+ Profile Comments
    ➜ 600+ Games
    ➜ 2+ Year(s) Old Steam Account
    ➜ Over $100,000 In TF2 Items Traded Since 1/1/13

    *Links are at the bottom of the page so you can verify integrity!*

    WARNING: I have MULTIPLE people impersonating me. Please check SteamRep YOURSELF before trading with anyone who appears to be me. Do NOT follow any links! You can also mouse over my profile in chat to verify my identity, I should be level 80 or above. I also DONT TALKE LIEK DIS!!1!

    steamID32: STEAM_0:1:40378628


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