SourceOP Forums FAQ

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General Ban Info

When you login, you should see the ban reason and length of time of the ban (not including imported bans from the old forums). If you would like to request an unban or would like additional information about the ban, you can 1) try to add an Admin on Steam (though we may ignore you) OR 2) use the site's Contact Us feature. Below is a list of the most common ban reasons along with information about unban requests.

Banned for "Private Profile"

This ban type is completely automated based on your accounts profile state when you attempt to login. Once your profile is public again you will need to logout and login again, you may have to wait a few minutes up to a full day before the system "refreshes" your profile cache and lifts the ban. You will not normally need to contact us if you are banned for this reason, just wait it out.

Banned for "User Alt"

We detected or suspect that you have multiple forum accounts as prohibited by the rules. If you are banned for this reason due to having a shared connection, accidentally making a second account, or other legitimate reason, you need to contact an admin to resolve the issue.

Banned for "Under Review"

They are a few instances where a user may be banned for the reason of "under review". This usually happens when a user shows abnormal trading behavior or is suspected of breaking a site rule. In such cases, investigation is required before we allow a user access to the site again. Anyone banned for this reason would need to contact an Admin to resolve the issue.

Banned for "Scammer"

SourceOP has a zero tolerance stance when it comes to scammers of any kind. We honor all SteamREP and affiliated scam tags. If you are marked a scammer, you will be banned. You also will not be able to request an unban until you are cleared of all scam tags on SR or affiliated communities. Even if you have a scammer tag downgraded or removed, we may at our sole discretion decide that your actions are below what we deem acceptable to be a member here and leave you banned.

Banned for "Valve Trade Ban"

Similar to honoring other community scam tags, trade banned users did something that Valve deemed unacceptable. Although we do not know what actions trigger a trade ban or specifically, what a user was trade banned for, Gaben sees all. If you are banned for this reason, the unban process is the same as if you were banned for scamming.

Banned for "Valve Trade Probation"

Trade probation implies you were previously trade banned, but unlike a marked scammer or trade banned by Valve, you can request an unban. The admins will conduct a review into your trade activities. At our soul discretion, even if we deem you are not a liability to our other users, you still may not be unbanned. Please contact an admin if you are banned for this reason.

Banned for "Ban Avoidance"

You avoided a ban and will be banned on your current accounts and any future accounts you may make. There is no unban request offered for this rule violation.

IMPORTANT: Ban avoidance is ban avoidance no matter the reason of the original ban.

Requesting an unban

If you would like to request an unban, you can 1) try to add an Admin on Steam (though we may ignore you) OR 2) use the site's Contact Us feature.

Please Note: SourceOP is a privately run site, we do not offer "appeals", all bans are considered final, It never hurts to ask for an unban, but we are under no obligation to you.

If an Admin thinks you have a valid reason, you will be moved to the "unban request group" where you can login and post an unban request thread. Once moved, you have 30 days to post your thread or your request will automatically be denied and you will be rebanned. If you do not reply to your thread for 14 days after we ask for followup, your request will be denied and you will be rebanned. You are expected as part of your request to fully cooperate providing information an admin deems relevant to your request including but not limited to trade history and steam support tickets. Any additional information about this process will be relayed to the user at that time. (This does not apply to users currently marked as scammers, were previously banned, or who were auto banned via the infraction system.)