SourceOP Forums FAQ

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What is SourceOP reputation?

SourceOP reputation are reputations that you receive from other people after you've completed a cash trade with someone else here on SourceOP. The system is meant to leave positive feedbacks towards another trader so other members know that the trader can be trusted. There are however, rotten apples out there. So it's always a good idea to double check if the user can be trusted.

A few example threads can be found here.

How do I create a SourceOP reputation thread?

First, if you haven't done so. You are required to link your steam account to your forum profile. You should see this button at the top right of the forums:

This is not needed when you signed up on the SourceOP forums with your steam account. You should be successfully linked your steam account with your forum profile once you see this:

After you've linked your steam account. Go to the This Section. From there, you are welcome to create a new thread with your SteamID64 information you found in the thread linked above. But remember:

Rep left here should be limited to transactions that took place on SOP and not from other site such as TF2Outpost. This is also known as Outside Reputation.

What exactly is "Outside Reputation"? And why isn't it allowed?

Outside Reputation means receiving reputation here on SourceOP by another user when the original cash trade was done through another website, like outpost for example. It basically means Reputation can only be given from transactions done through the SourceOP forums. For example, buying an item from someone within the TF2 Item Buying/Selling Section.

Hence it's also named SourceOP Reputation.

Reason why outside reputation isn't allowed is because to prevent problems. Allowing the sites also means more work for us to maintain the balance and to see if every single rep received is valid. While we understand that some sites like TF2Outpost gives you better advantage of buying/selling items, we can't simply allow it due to quite a few issues. If your thread has been locked for outside reputation, you can make a new one in 2 weeks starting on the date when your thread was locked. There has been plenty of pre-warnings regarding outside rep, and this is a punishment for not reading the rules/information properly.

Why cant I leave rep for trading with a users alternate account?

When you leave rep, you are giving a specific user account your vouch that other steam users use to judge the risk of dealing with that user. Not leaving rep for the correct account means that other traders cannot make an accurate risk assessment. Not only do we get asked often about the "alts and rep" policy but it also has been abused so we are making this very clear that it is no longer allowed.

If you wish to receive reputation for trades on SourceOP, the trades need to be done using your steam account linked to your forums account and NOT AN ALTERNATE STEAM ACCOUNT. This also means don't bother listing "trading" alts or say the items are on a different account. If you want to trade your items on alts, trade them to the steam account linked to your forums account before listing them for trade.