SourceOP Forums FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Can I change my username?

No. Admins will not change your name either, make sure you pick a name you will not regret later. This also goes for when you are making an account using Steam login, it will ask you to verify the forum name you want associated with your account so please take note before creating the account.

How do I unlink my Steam account form my forum account?

Due to the nature of this site and to prevent abuse, you cannot unlink your steam account form your forum account. Admins will not unlink your accounts either. If you accidentally made a duplicate forum account, please contact a site Admin immediately.

Why is having multiple accounts not allowed?

Due to the nature of this site and to prevent abuse, it is strictly prohibited as per rules and will result in being banned. If you have a household member who also uses this site or if you use a shared connection, please notify a site Admin immediately and it will be addressed from there.

How do I delete or close a thread or post?

Users cannot delete threads or posts. Users also cannot "close" a thread, just don't reply to it, or change the thread prefix to "inactive" or the title to "closed". After a specific amount of time, old threads will be moved to an inactive section.

How do I delete my forum account?

Sorry, we do not delete user accounts for a variety of administrative reasons and the nature of this site. If you really do not want access to your account anymore for whatever reason, the best option is just to request we ban your account.

How do I open or restore a locked or inactive thread?

Sorry, locked threads or threads in an inactive section will not be unlocked or moved back to an active section. Make a new thread.

How can I become a forum moderator or admin?

Their is no formal way to become a mod here and admins are only picked from our existing mods. Best advice is be helpful by sending in-post reports for threads or users that need addressing and being respectful to all members and staff.

What does "Probation" under a users name mean?

Similar to an infraction and on the same par as a temporary ban, the user broke some forum rule and now they/their postings are subject to greater scrutiny, breaking additional rules will result in an actual ban from the site.

Why is UserX banned and why does UserY have probation?

Sorry, we do not discuss a users status publicly.