View Full Version : Today's update broke the SourceOP plugin

Drunken F00l
Apr 14, 2011, 11:53 PM
This is a known issue. I am working on releasing a new version.

Drunken F00l
Apr 15, 2011, 02:16 AM
The update is out and you can get the installer or zip file here:

Let me know if there are any problems.

Apr 15, 2011, 03:32 PM
for me it changed nothing, i copy-pasted the df_funcoff.txt, i create a server, and it says this:
if i press on ok, the game's window stays open and its white, i need to stop the process with ctrl alt delete...
(and i also cant understand why its wrote: "Microsoft visual C++ runtime libr..." up of the small window... )

Also, i get this in the console when opening the game:
Loading unsigned module ..\bin\sourceop
Access to secure servers is disabled.
[SOURCEOP] SourceOP loading...[SOURCEOP] Feature FEAT_ADMINCOMMANDS is enabled.
[SOURCEOP] Feature FEAT_SNARK is enabled.
[SOURCEOP] Feature FEAT_LUA is enabled.
[SOURCEOP] "Console<0><Console><Console>" loaded tables in "0.000005" seconds.
[SOURCEOP] No offset for m_flSimulationTime.
[SOURCEOP] No offset for m_iHealth.
[SOURCEOP] Using hardcoded offset for m_angRotation.
[SOURCEOP] No offset for m_flFriction.
[SOURCEOP] Using hardcoded offset for m_fFlags.
[SOURCEOP] Using hardcoded offset for m_Collision.
[SOURCEOP] No offset for m_hOwnerEntity.
[SOURCEOP] Using hardcoded offset for m_vecMins.
[SOURCEOP] Using hardcoded offset for m_vecMaxs.
[SOURCEOP] m_SolidType offset wasn't found. Set manually in DF_funcoffs.txt
[SOURCEOP] m_solidFlags offset wasn't found. Set manually in DF_funcoffs.txt
[SOURCEOP] m_MoveType offset wasn't found. Set manually in DF_funcoffs.txt
[SOURCEOP] m_MoveCollide offset wasn't found. Set manually in DF_funcoffs.txt
[SOURCEOP] No offset for m_vecOrigin.
[SOURCEOP] No offset for m_nSkin.
[SOURCEOP] No offset for m_nSequence.
[SOURCEOP] No offset for m_flDeathTime.
[SOURCEOP] No offset for m_hActiveWeapon.
[SOURCEOP] No offset for m_flNextAttack.
[SOURCEOP] No offset for m_nRenderFX.
[SOURCEOP] No offset for m_nRenderMode.
[SOURCEOP] No offset for m_fEffects.
[SOURCEOP] No offset for m_clrRender.
[SOURCEOP] No offset for m_hThrower.
[SOURCEOP] Didn't find offset for m_nButtons.
[SOURCEOP] Using hardcoded offset for m_targetPosition.
[SOURCEOP] Using hardcoded offset for m_controlPosition.
[SOURCEOP] Using hardcoded offset for m_scrollRate.
[SOURCEOP] Guessing offset for m_flWidth.
[SOURCEOP] No offset for m_hAttachedToEntity.
[SOURCEOP] No offset for m_nAttachment.[SOURCEOP] "Console<0><Console><Console>" loaded offsets in "0.210478" seconds.
[SOURCEOP] "Console<0><Console><Console>" ran patcher in "0.303665" seconds.
[SOURCEOP] "Console<0><Console><Console>" Loading Lua...
[SOURCEOP] init.lua: Lua 5.1 initialized.
[SOURCEOP] "Console<0><Console><Console>" Loaded 36 autorun scripts.
[SOURCEOP] "Console<0><Console><Console>" Loaded 5 Lua entities.
[SOURCEOP] "Console<0><Console><Console>" loaded Lua in "0.093338" seconds.
Found no steamclient.dll inside of HL2 process

Im mad again, another update that breaks everything...

Drunken F00l
Apr 15, 2011, 03:43 PM
You need the new sourceop binary also.

Apr 19, 2011, 07:31 PM
hi i cant start source op since the last update??
i change the funcoffs and binary. console says

failed to dlopen /home/runner1/server/hl2dm/orangebox/hl2mp/../bin/sourceop.so error=/home/runner1/server/hl2dm/orangebox/hl2mp/../bin/sourceop.so: undefined symbol: _Unwind_Resume
failed to dlopen /home/runner1/server/hl2dm/orangebox/hl2/../bin/sourceop.so error=/home/runner1/server/hl2dm/orangebox/hl2/../bin/sourceop.so: undefined symbol: _Unwind_Resume
failed to dlopen /home/runner1/server/hl2dm/orangebox/bin/../bin/sourceop.so error=/home/runner1/server/hl2dm/orangebox/bin/../bin/sourceop.so: undefined symbol: _Unwind_Resume
Unable to load plugin "../bin/sourceop"
Unable to load plugin "../bin/sourceop"

have the last update deleted the libssl.6.so??? and I miss the sourceop.so in the last update?
sry for my bad english:-P

i need help

Drunken F00l
Apr 20, 2011, 02:31 AM
Ya, some people were having this issue with the DAF plugin too. I have updated the manual installer with a new sourceop.so that should fix the problem.

Apr 20, 2011, 10:09 AM
thx drunken
works fine for me now:-)))))