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Aug 09, 2010, 03:09 AM
Hi Guys

I have a CSS and TF2 server and they're under Dos Attacks. I tryed everything, but still have attacks. I asked for help in a lot of forums, I installed KAC, DAF, D-Fens (in CSS). I'm just tired, I just don't know what do.

I'm here, to ask help. Please, someone help me. How do I protect my servers?

I have these logs

>**Somebody is scanning your computer. server on port 27042
> Your computer's UDP ports:
> have been scanned from (attacker)
> Denial of Service "IP Fragmentation Overlap" attack detected.
> Description on server port 27042
> An IP Fragmentation Overlap attack exploits IP's packet reassembly feature by creating packet fragments with overlapping offset fields, making it impossible for your system to reassemble the packets properly. **

Thank for your attention.

Aug 09, 2010, 06:32 PM
Please, help me. I really need protect my servers.


Drunken F00l
Aug 10, 2010, 02:13 AM
I don't know of any plugin to help with such an attack.

Oct 06, 2010, 12:26 PM
you could possibly turn off WAN ping response in your router homepage.. normally or this will ignore ping requestsfrom outside of your local network and may prevent someone spamming that port number.

not promising that it will work but it wont do any harm to try, if it doesnt do anything put it back on..

according to the IP in your post that belongs to a company in brazil, you could email the abuse team.

just put the ip in at this address and it will give you the deatilas of the ISP it belongs too

go here : http://tools.whois.net/whoisbyip/

good luck