View Full Version : Unable to update OP

Feb 05, 2011, 08:33 AM
Sorry if this was already covered in the FAQ or in another thread (Yes, I checked :])

Whenever I tried to update my inventory this morning, I would end up with this little error


SQL Error : 1271 Illegal mix of collations for operation ' IN '

INSERT INTO nuke_bbsearch_wordmatch (post_id, word_id, title_match) SELECT 98172, word_id, 0 FROM nuke_bbsearch_wordlist WHERE word_text IN ('color', 'indigo', 'extra', 'copies', 'offers', 'cash', 'hats', 'left', 'dead', 'freedom', 'force', 'cause', 'brown', 'demoman', 'carousers', 'capotain', 'abundance', 'tinge', 'demomans', 'fro', 'level', '50', 'v', 'glengarry', 'bonnet', '88', 'orange', 'engineer', 'mining', 'light', 'engineers', 'cap', '7', 'hotrod', 'darkblue', 'heavy', 'coupe', 'disaster', 'pink', 'hell', 'tough', 'guys', 'toque', '37', 'hound', 'dog', 'white', 'dealer?s', 'visor', 'medic', 'physicians', 'procedure', 'mask', 'red', 'pyro', 'brigade', 'helm', 'nappers', 'respite', 'lack', 'hue', 'black', 'handymans', 'handle', '74', 'scout', 'bonk', 'olde', 'baker', 'boy', '92', 'whoopie', 'australium', 'gold', 'blue', 'sniper', 'larrikin', 'robin', 'shooters', 'sola', 'topi', '5', 'blokes', 'bucket', 'hat', '59', '55', 'olive', 'soldier', 'stainless', 'pot', 'tyrants', 'killers', 'kabuto', 'indubitable', 'green', 'spy', 'fancy', 'fedora', 'camera', 'beard', 'magistrates', 'mullet', 'violet', 'classless', 'modest', 'pile', 'ghastlier', 'gibus', 'ellis', 'saxton', 'hale', 'bills', 'team', 'spirit', 'miscelaneous', 'refined', 'metal', 'crate', '15', 'name', 'tag', 'discription', '80', 'unusual', 'haunted', 'scrap', 'unwrapped', 'wrapped', '00', 'crit', 'cola', 'frying', 'pan', 'paints', 'available', 'ye', 'rustic', 'bitter', 'taste', 'defeat', 'lime', 'gentlemannes', 'business', 'pants', 'dark', 'salmon', 'injustice', '216190216', 'mann', 'peculiarly', 'drab', 'tincture', 'radigan', 'conagher', 'aged', 'moustache', 'gray', 'rep', 'quot', 'jizzabelle', 'bought', 'masks', 'paint', 'cheap', 'gave', '2', 'scraps', 'bonus', 'definitely', 'buy', 'again', 'deals', 'honest', 'trader', 'firsttime', 'customer', 'satisfied', 'vouch', 'fast', 'delivery', 'made', 'wait', 'while', 'playing', 'sorryzzz', 'supercavi', 'sir', 'great', 'work', 'deal', 'happy', 'thanks', 'phyloplebe', 'trade', 'total', 'strangers', 'give', 'money', 'first', 'transactions', 'guy', 'quickly', 'honestly', 'fairly', 'linusvanpelt', 'sold', 'package', 'vintage', 'misssam', 'hassles')

Line : 252
File : functions_search.php

Is there any easy solution to this?

Thank You for reading.