View Full Version : plr failed getting servergameclients interface

Jan 30, 2011, 04:58 AM
hello, i got two different servers running from two different gsp. one w/ 24 slots and another one with 32, the problem is: 24 one can load plr, while 32 one can't.

i've tried then to run it manually by using plugin_load to check out why it wasnt loading, and the following messages just came up:

[PLR] PlayerLimitRemover loading...
[PLR] Failed getting servergameclients interface.
Failed to load plugin "addons/plr"
[PLR] Removing server hooks.
Unable to load plugin "addons/plr"

i found it pretty strange, mainly because my 1st server can load it without any problems and i'm using the exactly same files for both of them (orangebox release, windows - it's a hl2dm server). here's what's inside of plr.vdf:

"file" "../hl2mp/addons/plr"

any suggestions? the gsp owner of the 32 slots server is blaming the plr itself for being "outdated", even if i told him that i got another server running it he's like "oh, its a steam server?" when the answer is obviously yes.