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Nov 15, 2005, 12:16 AM
I don't if this in the right area but it is an idea for you. I saw the buggie and airboat codes and thought you might want some of these codes.
bloodspray > Makes Blood Stain
ch_createjeep > Makes Jeep
ch_createairboat > Makes Boat
dropprimary > Makes User Drop Primary Weapon or Weapons
ent_fire > Makes person on Fire
fadeout > Blinds Player
fadeout > Unblinds Player
fog_color > Changes Fog Color... Just somthing fun you might add?
fov > Changes Field OF Vision... Great Torture
g_antlion_maxgibs > Make a pet antilion Explode Bigger... I saw this idea and thought it was awsome by the way :)
give > Used for giving EVERYTHING, god, weapons, health, ammo, you name it!
god > Makes God mode
hl2_walkspeed > Change that to make super speed x2
hostname > Changes host name
kick > Kicks
kill > kills
soundfade > Mutes a players sound... not voice HIS SOUND.... Mani Doesent Have This Shiz 8)
mat_fullbright > Fullbright Mode... Very Useful!
mp_flashlight > Controls Flash Light
mp_falldamage > Great if the hook glitches and you fall
mp_allowspectators > Change Spectator Amount
mp_chattime > How long till the map loads at the end of a game
mp_footsteps > Changes Footsteps
mp_forcerespawn > Auto Respawn
mp_fraglimit > Frag Limit
mp_friendlyfire > FF
mp_timelimit > Time limit
muzzleflash_light > Blind some1 when they shoot lmao
name > Changes name
noclip > lets you go through walls
next > Changes User Frame... E Z To Crash A Comp...
password > Lock Server and Set Pass
play > Play a sound...
r_flashlightfov > Changes flash light radius
r_flashlightfar > Changes flashlight radius
r_shadows > Shadows or no shadows
restart > Restarts map
sk_airboat_max_ammo > Changes airboat ammo
sk_antlion_health > Changes antlion health
sk_antlion_swipe_damage > Chnages antilion damage
sk_crow_melee_dmg > How much a corwbar does
sk_fraggrenade_radius > Changes grenade radius
I can also change rpg, pistol, machine gun, etc health but I dont want that to change some im not telling :)
violence_ablood > Makes alien blood

I am sure this will help drunken fool more than anyone else...

Nov 15, 2005, 12:17 AM
Sorry it is so messy... I will be gone for 3 days and wanted to help befor I left.