Please note: I AM BEING IMPERSONATED - Please check you are dealing with the real noodl3boi !

If you have traded with me please leave a comment!

My Steam ID :

steamID32: STEAM_0:0:4980033


My Backpack :

EDIT: Just for clarification, there are bumps and then comments alternating for the first 6 pages and a bit - this is because I didn't think to make a separate rep thread back when I started this up so yeah... From page 7 onwards its purely comments!


Here is the rep from my steam comments page:

He bought some items via Paypal and paid first. Smooth transaction and no middleman needed. Thanks! :) - |K}{R|?Noob??ator?
bought some paint off me, no middleman was needed, smooth, simple and a good attitude to boot. Excellent trader - Lies Within Pies
Bought some Earbuds, Excellent trader + rep, tyvm - 'sQuize'
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Sent money and got items. Nice and trustable trader ^^

And some rep from other threads:

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Really cool guy, I went first and he sent the key straight after, will do business with him again.

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bought 10 keys. quick and easy. Thanks.

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i can trust this seller i just buy 5 keys XD