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steamID: .:\-WizmaN-/:. Only in Japan
steamID32: STEAM_0:1:5629326

Hey, there! I'm WizmaN! After trading through Steam, Steam's Trading Forums, TF2, SteamTrades, and other various online trading websites and forums for so long, I figured it was finally about time that I did the unthinkable! I finally got around to making myself a SourceOP reputation thread of my own! *cough* Anyways, I have listed the more important information that you need to know about me in the next paragraph below!

To make sure those of you out there know who I am, I have only ever gone by the nickname "WizmaN" or "Wizman87" for as long as I can remember. If you can recognize my name, then you can pretty much identify who I am - for the most part. Also, for further verification purposes, my Steam account was created on December 5th, 2004. At the time of this writing, I currently have 205+ Steam games, 62+ in-game screenshots, 2+ videos, 5+ game recommendations, 18+ Steam badges, 174+ trades made, 92+ market transactions completed, and 10+ pages (over 57+ comments) displayed on my Steam profile! That's about it! :cool: