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    TheBadassWoopa's Rep Thread - verify the ID64 of this user: 76561198044701157 

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    Hey guys, I'm TheBadassWoopa. I've played tf2 for about a month or so now and I realized that I've never made a rep thread. Being an aspiring trader, it's very difficult for me to start cash trades without rep to prove I'm trustworthy, hence why I'm making this thread.
    I am no scammer and I HATE sharkers and cheaters.
    I hope I can be a part of SourceOP and have many quick and easy trades with you all!
    |steamID: TheBadassWoopa
    |steamID32: STEAM_0:1:42217714

    P.S Please ignore the idiot Oaia Behehee who apparently I scammed. I have never met him/traded with him for anything. I will be going first in any cash trade for the time being until I have sufficient rep to make it negligible.
    Only rules I have when doing cash trades is:
    1. You go first unless you have a rep page with A LOT of rep.
    2. We do trades on Paypal.
    3. The buyer pays fees.
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